About Us

A history in racing: this is Michelotto, which celebrates a milestone in its history, namely, 50 years of activity. A standard bearer of “Made in Italy” excellence, it has been building racing cars with state-of-the-art technology for 50 years. And, even as the years go by, it still has the same goal: victory.

The impressive list of global victories in major Rally and Gran Turismo track races reveals the passion that has allowed Michelotto to mark some important milestones in car history.

Since its founding in Padua in 1969, its racing cars and other productions have distinguished themselves in major international competitions.

In 1978, Michelotto launched its first iconic racing car, the Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4. This marked the beginning of a partnership with the Maranello group, which continues to this day and led to the production of flagship cars that have won races, as well as being a dream come true for collectors from all over the world (saying that the famous F40s and 333Ps are iconic may be oversimplifying things).

In 2017, another great project: Solo Michelotto. A way to bring the global Michelotto community together and to share emotions and the passion for these cars.